Collections are our full-service option. They all include a gorgeous made-in-Italy lay-flat wedding album that we curate and design for you. The videos and description below explain a start-to-finish experience, and the kinds of albums we’ve made in the past. We are straight and gay friendly equally. All love deserves to be celebrated. We have a ton of weddings on our blog by the way if you want to see more.

Your Experience

In order to make you photographs that feel personal and real we take the time to get to know what you love and value about one another. There is no secret or shortcut only geniune interest and caring that starts long before we pick up a camera.  We want you to feel love and connection with your family each and very time you look at your albums and wall art. Below is a timeline of what your wedding photography experience with us will look like from start-to-finish.


We take the time to get to know you and your family. This helps us create wedding photos that don't just look beautiful, but also tell your story. These conversations go beyond the initial consultation so that we know your family by name on wedding day.

Studio Time

All our couples get studio time to make portraits. You can use the time to test your dress, hair and makeup, or bring your family in to celebrate your relationships in a relaxed and super comfortable enviroment. Either way you'll have some gorgeous black-label portraits to go home with!


To keep your wedding day running smoothly we do an in-person timeline review, and venue walkthrough to ensure your whole creative team is on the same page. We use our Wedding Album Design Guide and one of our studio samples side-by-side to help you visualize your day, and plan your album from start to finish.

Wedding Day

Today all of our planning pays off big time. You get to relax and be in the moment with your people. We'll capture you at your very best. We love honest and emotional photos so just relax and enjoy and have a blast!


Shortly after your wedding you'll come back to our studio to see a wide-screen cinematic premiere of your wedding, curated, organized and designed into a complete ready-to-order album. We do all the work so all you need to do is sit back and relax and enjoy the presentation!

Finished Album

Your album arrives from Italy about 8-12 weeks after ordering. See the gorgeous finished album for the first time and celebrate a job well done. We wrap the project up with a download link to all your finished digitals optimized for social media. It's not good-bye, just so long for now. We'll see you again for that one year anniversary!

Collections start at just $3950 and include all of the above. At the same time we realize there are some pretty wonderful couples out there on a budget. If this sounds like you we have a digital wedding option starting at just $2400. If you are a public school teacher, military, or law enforcement definately reach out, but we have very limited availability for the 2019 season so call 312-410-8490 now to reserve your date.