Visualization of a complete finished wedding album for people who like to plan. Use this guide side-by-side with one of our studio album samples to help you get exactly the photos and the finished album you want. Check our pricing page for what finishing materials and upgrades cost.

Dress rings flowers.

If you have hand-made items or family heirlooms please alert us on the day-of. Please have rings cleaned & polished and have an extra wedding invitation in the brides suite for us to photograph the rings on.

1 15
Girls get ready

Photos showing the connection bride has with her best friends and the emotional support she gets from them. Please have hair and makeup done and everyone dressed (if no robe portrait) before the photographer arrives except the bride who gets made up last. Having a hair and makeup trial done before wedding day is strongly recommended so you feel natural and authentic.

1 15
Boys get ready

Photos showing the camaraderie, connections and friendship the groom has with his best friends, siblings and elders.

1 15
Groom gets ready

Photos of the groom’s anticipation and energy and some handsome details.

1 15
Love Letters

Reading and reacting with whatever emotions come up to whatever the partners write to one another in confidence.

2 15
Bride gets ready

Being helped into her dress, hairspray portraits, sexy details, shoes going on or laughter. We’ll catch the best version of whatever you’re feeling.

1 30
Mother and daughter get a moment

Some last minute emotional support and love in the form of hugs, or a final quiet and reflective moment for the bride to center herself for the next chapter in her life.

1 5
Bride fashion portraits

Often we are uncomfortable being the center of attention. If this is you we suggest you have your best support person there to encourage and support you in feeling the best and most beautiful version of you.

1+ 15
Dad’s first look

Dad sees daughter all done up in white and gives her some last minute love, blessings and/or approval.

1 5
Groom’s first look

Anticipation of the grooms first view of his bride (directed by the photographer) and then some quiet moments checking in with one another (with NO direction from the photographer.) Recommend this be done with no one else around. Not rushed. Helps calm nerves!

2 15
Bridal Party (boys, girls, jealousy, walking)

We will recommend an attractive spot to do these in that has shelter from strong sunlight or foul weather. Please communicate with your bridal party where they are expected to be and at what time.

3 20
Character portraits of bridal party

Reward your friends with individual portraits showing their unique personalities and how nice they dressed themselves up to help you celebrate your wedding.

2+ 15
Bridal pano

A very elevated and happy moment with the couple in the center of the group getting cheered on

1 5
Family portraits

Weddings are a rare chance for family and friends to gather from everywhere. Please make a list of every single portrait combination you would like and communicate with everyone on the list where you would like them to be and at what time. We will need a ‘wrangler’ who knows everyone to help gather them in the spot the photographer chooses.

4+ 20+/-
Creative portraits

Using the city or the lake or lush green as the backdrop let’s have some time with just you two feeling fconnected and happy artfully capturing the best version of you to inspire you for a very long time to come.

3+ 45
Here comes the bride and Father or escort giveaway

Classic portrait of bride approaching the marriage tent and the handshakes and hugs going on.

2 C
Wedding scene pano

Artful wide-scene view of what it was like to be there with you in the center of the scene.

1 C
Vows and rings

Portraits taken of each of you listening to the other speak their vows and closeup moments of rings going on.

2 C
Other ceremony moments

These can be Unity candlees, a prayer, sand jars, Mary.

1-3 C
You may kiss the bride then the big W

A very elated couple walking slowly off the stage with their arms in the air.

1 C
Happy bridal party and parents walking out 2+ C
Church exit on steps

If you’d like bubbles, colored paper airplanes, confetti or rice please let us know ahead of time. This requires ushers to move everyone out of the church.

1 15
Church portraits

After family portraits we make some beautiful Veil photos and use the architecture of the church. If there’s another wedding coming in after you we need to mind the time carefully.

1 15
Limo/Trolly ride to reception venue

Please make sure we understand your transportation since we have our own gear and vehicles to manage.

1 R
Reception details

We will photograph everything of interest but if there are details that are super important to you please have someone responsible to point those out to us on the day-of.

1+ 15

We like to show you being announced and your guests cheering you. If you plan to welcome your guests yourself please alert us ahead of time so we can capture that.

1 R

If you have a special cake topper, plan a smash, or just feed one another just let us know. Cake should be on dance floor not in a corner of the room

1 R

Please ask your speakers to either speak straight from the heart or have a written or index card notes which all look better and feel better than reading off a phone.

2+ R
First dance

Do you plan to take dance lessons? Are these moments important to you? Please tell us!

1+ R
Parent dances

We like to show happiness and connection during these moments rather than discussions so let’s just soak in the moment here.

2 R
Everyone dances

Let’s show everyone having a great time and what the room feels like for the party part of the evening.

1+ R
Bouquet & Garter

If you plan to do these sorts of things please remember to alert your photographer well in advance so we can move our lights.

1 R
Candids of party

We don’t take photos of people eating or drinking or smoking for example but we promise to scan and capture every interesting interaction we can find.

2+ 30
A happy ending

If we have time for a ‘good night’ portrait we’ll make one of those. If you don’t want to leave your party we will use one of the creative portraits from earlier in the day. You can also choose a short one sentance or phrase to print that expresses how you feel about your union.

1 30
Total 50~