Missy & Chris

Missy Holas and Chris Rudolph met on the TLC program Spouse House The Spouse House,” which aired from July to September 2017, followed 27 Chicago-area singles as they paired up in a California mansion. The premise was simple: Use the guidance from the show’s relationship specialists to quickly find a castmate to marry or get out of the house.”  The two weddings filmed on the show last year ended in divorce, but there is some happy news from the series. Castmates Missy Holas and Chris Rudolph were just married last summer!

“Our love story keeps getting better… I’m so thankful that you found me, you have shown me a love I never knew existed and I feel so lucky to get to walk thru this life with you next to me,” Missy shared. Chris too as you can see means it when he said “I love our life!”

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