Kasia + Trevor

Beautiful modern Assyrian Polish wedding.

From our very first meeting I felt an easy and genuine connection with Kasia and Trevor. They are the kind of people who are so open and friendly and unafraid to be well, just themselves. I had fun with them from our first snowy cold engagement photoshoot through their wedding and just dropped off their beautiful finished album in time for Christmas! I wish this loving couple all the best and hope this is just the start of our relationship as their family grows.

Now to let the couple speak for themselves.

How did you meet?
We met in college- his sister was in the sorority I was rushing so we ended up seeing each other a lot. We didn’t hit it off right away, but I caught him playing piano in the dorm lounge when I was on my way to a friend’s room one night. I never made it over to my friend’s place 🙂

Why did you choose St. Lambert’s?
Kasia is a parishioner there and used to teach Sunday school, and Trevor has been the piano player at the noon Mass for a year or so. We love the community, Father Simon is a fantastic spiritual leader and friend, and it just felt like home.

Why did you choose Mission Hills for your reception?
As with everything in our wedding- we chose it on a feeling. We really hit it off with Kelly, and she the staff there worked magic to make the night perfect. I 100% recommend them- they will work with any dietary requirements, and even helped with minor freak outs that I had. They are awesome.

What was your experience with Jake like?
Jake is fantastic. Kasia has been in weddings that had very blah photographers- the photos came out great, but the person was no fun- and they kind of ruin the vibe. We knew right away we would have fun spending the day with him- and we really did! He will suggest poses or ideas that you might think are nuts- go with them! He knows what he’s doing!

Jake: Awe shucks : )



Makeup by Debra Petrielli Makeup Artists

Kasia’s hair done by Julia Mammoser

Bridesmaid’s hair by Jackie Trombetta

Kasia’s dress by Complete Bridal ask for David

Reception Venue Mission Hills Country Club

Beautiful flowers by Nilee Event Decor

Planning by Naturally Yours Events ask for Stephanie

The fantastic jazz band Goef Bradfield Music

DJ was Toast & Jam ask for Norah