Why did you choose the Chicago Odyssey Yacht?

Our first date was actually a diner cruise so we knew a view from the water was by far the best view anyone could have of the city. So many wedding are in halls and hotel ballrooms and, quite honestly, they end up looking the same. When we discovered the Odyssey Yacht does weddings we knew it was right. We wanted to give our family and friends them a Chicago experience they would never forget.

How did you guys meet?

We actually met at work. At the time, I was working at a market research facility, training new employees, and he was my newest trainee. We did not hit it off at first (actually, I was quite annoyed by him for some reason!). As time passed, our friendship grew. We were constantly amazed by the amount of things we had in common and how easy it was to hold a conversation with each other. Mike likes to say “I knew I loved you because I was never bored when we were together”.

What do you love about one another?

I value Mikes patience, lord knows he needs it with me 🙂 I also value his kindness- especially towards the ladies in his life. He is very sweet with our mothers and even sweeter with our nieces and nephew. Seeing him melt whenever he is around family is truly the best feeling!

Why did you choose Loyola for the Church?

I attended Loyola as an undergrad and was also so impressed with masses at the chapel. Its stunning! Mike and I began dating my last year at Loyola in addition to living in the Edgewater area. We wanted to bring all of our favorite people together at a place that was very special to us. Not to mention- the chapel literally is on the water! Worked perfectly with our “Chicago-lake view” theme.

How do you each express your love?

I’m not a very affectionate person, so I express my love by teasing! I am constantly poking fun of, giving a hard time to Mike. If I don’t tease you- I don’t love you 🙂 That being said, a romantic dinner or evening at home with wine is such a loving experience!