Cute couple looks at their wedding album for the first time.

Luxury Italy Wedding Album


See your wedding photos in a complete ready-to-order album that we design for you!  This is a full service experience with an professional album designer that puts a gorgeous finished heirloom album into your hands.

With your reservation below you get the following:

Our downloadable Wedding Album Design Guide, to help you visualize exactly what you want.

A widescreen cinematic premiere at our Logan Square Studio. Here you can make changes and choose finishing options like leathers and personalizations. We always have lots of beautiful studio samples here to inspire you.

Price shown is per spread. You will need a minimum of 15 spreads to place your order.

Some couples need just 15 spreads to show their wedding while others want 50 or more. It’s up to you and regardless of the size we’ll make it super beautiful.



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Didn’t get a wedding album?

Your wedding is worth making into something beautiful and real that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Maybe you were thinking to do it yourself, but life got too busy. Or maybe there were just too many photos to choose from and it felt overwhelming. Either way your photos are still locked-away on a thumb drive.

It doesn't have to be this way. I can help.

My name is Jake and I'm a wedding photographer. I've made over 100 albums for my couples since starting my studio Friends First in 2012. I have a proven system that brings your wedding photos to life in a gorgeous lay-flat custom album and make the experience simple, fun and easy for you.

I love how gorgeous these little Italy lay-flat albums can get with the right photography and design choices!

This is a lay-flat made-in-Italy wedding album with 10 spreads. Covering is a gorgeous retro 50s green linen with a hardcover satin finish photo for the front cover. All photos inside are mine from Christa & Vinnie’s wedding. You can see that I like a full-bleed design with big photos. This album is just 8×6 in size and is a joy to hold and handle since it’s make with all premium materials.

We are partnered with Graphistudio who is one of the oldest albums companies in Italy. Their quality and workmanship has to be seen and felt in person to really appreciate the love that goes into these artisanal albums.