What is a blessing?

Define. The concept has been around as long as human beings have been writing things down. Many of us reserve the notion for church or synagogue thinking blessings can only come from above, but throughout history and in so many movies (name one) fathers and kings bestow blessings on their children and their subjects. Children need blessings to feel good about themselves at their core.

The need for it. What would you like your children to know in their heart that will give them the strength and perseverance they need to live their lives to the fullest, even after you are gone? What do you need to say or hear from your parents so that you feel clear and complete and at peace with them? More examples who in your life needs a blessing from you.

We want to hear your unique stories and photograph your love for a new gallery show opening this summer which explores what how blessings create a sense of purpose and belonging in the world.

Your Experience

The entry fee is just $175 which reserves your studio time and includes the following:

+ Discovering your family relationships, what you love and value about one another and want your children to know in their hearts and carry forward after you are gone. These conversations help us make portraits that are more than just beautiful, but also deeply meaningful to you.

+ A style and grooming consultation so that you look and feel your best for your photoshoot.

+ A fun and easy photo shoot at our welcoming and comfy studio in Logan Square, or we can travel to you if the grandparent is no longer mobile. Fresh ground coffee or hot chocolate and sweets are served for the kids.

+ A wide-screen cinematic presentation of your photos right after your session so you can vote down the bloopers and choose your favorites.

+ Up to 3 digital files optimized for social media will be given to you so that you can help us promote the show with your network of friends.

+ Optional album and wall art suggestions that fit your home and your budget will be available for purchase at your premiere.*

Let’s rediscover what blessings look and sound like and how they shape our sense of belonging and purpose.

This project is in loving memory of my father Howard Miller, who lived long enough to answer for his sins, and in his final days drive all the darkness out of my body with a single blessing.

Daddy I love you.

– Jake Miller, photographer and founder.

Be a part of the most meaningful art project in Chicago this spring. Call or text Jake now at 312-927-5253 and get on the gallery show opening list by filling out the form below.

* 50% of the proceeds from artwork sales will be used to print and produce the gallery show, and the remaining 50% will be donated to the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network who improves the lives of those affected by domestic violence through education, public policy and advocacy and community outreach. We will post the total amount raised on our social media at the completion of this project.

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