I started doing Professional Headshots because my friends and clients were asking for them and discovered that I love the art form! If you can bring a friend with you (optional) they can help make you laugh and smile naturally, the way nature intended!  Fresh ground coffee and chocolates are available at no charge.

Executive Headshots

Professional Headshots


Manage your image with professional headshots for websites, LinkedIn and other business applications. Volume discounts for groups.

Headshot sessions include:

Getting to know your industry and career goals so that we can design a style that fits both your profession and your personality.

A fun and easy photo session at our comfortable and welcoming Logan Square studio, or on-site at your company.

A presentation of your photos right after so you can choose your favorites and request retouching if needed.

Includes one retouched photo along with a copyright release. Additional photos can be purchased for $195 each.

Purchase online then call Jake at 312-927-5253 to schedule your session.



Headshots Are Not Just For Corporate Executives

I often hear people saying they don’t take good photos and that makes me sad. I have to wonder if they’ve ever worked with a truly caring experienced professional. This is an investment in your career just like any other. They’ll see it even before they check your credentials or references so let’s do it right. Put in the time can care to look great and feel great on photo day. Proper hydration and a good nights rest are crucial. Scheduling your day so you aren’t too stressed is also key.  If you like we have a great chair massage place next door.

For grooming light makeup for women and a not too recent haircut for both. For style here are my broad recommendations. Dress as if you were going on an important interview. Well-made clothing that fits you properly in dark sophisticated colors and simple patterns work best. Layers add sophistication.

If you like shopping and you know the brands that fit you well try Nordstrom Rack. If you are difficult to fit and short on patience I recommend trying the Trunk Club. They really make shopping and style selection enjoyable.  I am setting up a referral program with them as I write this so please check with me for the code after you book.

You deserve a great photo experience so here’s my promise. If you make the effort I will give you my absolute best and keep going until you love your headshot!

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