Furbabies Are Family Too!

Pets bring warmth and love into our homes. They provide emotional support when times are rough, and they warm the bed in winter. Their affectionate souls make amazing wall art that will breathe life and love into any home.

Pet Photography


I do pet photography because I’m a bit of a dog nut so I get it. There is nothing like coming home at the end of the day to an adorable dog or kitty who is truly excited to see you.

I believe your baby deserves to have their photos made into something beautiful and real so I do not charge session fees.

Instead, you get to use your entire deposit towards beautiful artwork for your home as shown below.

All packages include:

Pre-session consultation to discuss your vision and plan your shoot.

A cinematic presentation of your photos right afterwards so that you can choose your favorites.

Guided artwork experience. We specialize in artist canvas from $950 and fine-art gift prints from $50 each.

You will receive a matching digital file of any photo you order for sharing on social media.

Purchase now using checkout button. Then call Jake at 312-927-5253 to schedule and plan your photo session. 



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Help Stop Animal Abuse

“Up to 66% of domestic violence survivors will delay leaving their abusers because they’re afraid of leaving their pets behind,” Katz said. “Those of us who have pets I think can understand this because pets are like our babies and a lot of the time for DV survivors that pet may be their only source of companionship and compassion they have in their life.” – Jessica Katz, A Safe Haven Network.

Watch our last fundraiser or read the article on the ABC7chicago.com website.

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Furbaby Canvas

All printing is done using 50 megabyte camera RAW files for an amazing high definition, retina-like effect. Artist canvas is super lightweight, absurdly durable and warm-toned. It has a soft textile feel making it a favorite for large format artwork. From $950.

Lightweight and warm toned artist canvas.
Black, glossy and gorgeous Chromaluxe panels.

Furbaby Chromaluxe

Chromaluxe on the other hand is ultra modern, glossy and gorgeous. The material is also incredibly lightweight and durable. It's also made from earth-friendly recycled wood pulp. Chromaluxe looks best when paired with low-key blackout photography like you see here with Nikki and Leo the cat. Collections like the one shown here start at $1,800.

Safe Is Beautiful

Join our furbaby facebook community to learn more about how we can prevent animal abuse. If you are a Pet Care Plus West Loop January 12th Winter Furry Photoshoot client this is how to get your photos!

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Getting Ready For Photos

To get ready for your pet photography session we recommend a freshly laundered animal with nails clipped or softened. Bring your pet to the studio hungry and have amazing treats ready to reward them with we we can get that face right into our lens and that paw up and ready for a handshake. Expect about an hour for session time and your premiere.

We don’t love plastic so here’s our chance to recommend Earth Rated recyclable poop bags. Also if you’re afraid to trim nails and your tired of getting scratched I encourage you to try this grinder especially made for pets.

We Donate 5% of Artwork Sales to the Chicago Battered Women's Network

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Friends First and the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network are working together to end domestic violence. Now, 3% of your album and wall art purchases are donated to The Network.

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