All good relationships take work and ours is no exception. Let’s avoid any misunderstandings later by getting the adult stuff done up front. It’s pretty standard stuff but if there’s anything you don’t like let us know and we’ll see if we can work it out.


We own all the rights to the photos we create, retain the right of discretion in selecting which ones we release to you and we get final say on which photographs will be included in any artwork. In other words we won’t let you print anything but our very best work.


You agree to be available by telephone for a planning discussion before your photoshoot and we’ll give you one reschedule without additional fees as long as you give us 24 hour notice. There is a 30 minute grace period for photoshoots so please arrive on time. Also budget up to 90 minutes even if you expect to only make one or two portraits so we don’t feel rushed.


Right after your session we will curate your photos and assemble them into a cinematic presentation for you to enjoy and choose your favorites from. Then we will create suggestions such as albums or wall art with you.

If you think you might want wall art please help us quote you accurate prices by taking photos of your home walls and sending those photos to us. Ideas and pricing can be found on

Finished product takes 2-6 weeks to make. Wall art can not be shipped and must be picked up in person. Albums and table top items can be drop shipped for an additional $25.


You authorize us to photograph you and use those photos in any online media such as Facebook, Instagram, websites, blogs and marketing, and in printed form such as studio artwork, trade shows, festival displays and photo competitions.

We understand everyone is different when it comes to privacy levels. If you want your photos kept offline or even destroyed after your artwork is made then discuss that with us first and have this agreement amended before you sign it.

WAIVES ALL CLAIMS (Boudoir only)

You waive all rights and claims and releases the Photographer from any claim or cause of action, whether now known or unknown, relating to the sale, display, license, and use of the authorized photos. The Client agrees to not bring any action or proceeding against the Photographer in any court of law, state or local related whatsoever, to the use of the photographs.


You agree that you are of legal age to participate in a boudoir photo session. You understand boudoir shoots feature implied nudity and sexuality and that you will be photographed wearing little or no clothing. You understand what a boudoir photography session is, and are signing this contract in full competency, without being coerced, influenced and of your own free will.


You understand that the level of nudity you show during your boudoir photography session is at your own discretion and agree you will not do anything you are uncomfortable with, and will speak up at the time if uncomfortable with a certain level of nudity or a pose.


All our artwork is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and print quality. Material defects notwithstanding, our artwork is custom made to order and not refundable. Studio will proof with client on final retouching, design, materials and monograms if any by sending screen grabs by text before ordering.


You understand that we have video and audio security at our studio for everyone’s protection including employees, clients and guests. Clients consent to being taped for security purposes.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Client and the Photographer and takes precedence over all prior oral and written agreements and discussions. Neither party can modify or amend this Agreement unless such modification and amendment is in writing and is signed and agreed upon by both parties.

We have read and fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions, the rights and the responsibilities, and releases therein.