What to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

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7 Pro tips for putting together outfits that you'll love and will stand the test of time.

Wondering what to wear for your engagement photos? It’s smart to put some consideration into your outfits since these photos will appear on everything from your save-the-dates and wedding website to the walls of your first home.

1. Wear Clothes That Are 100% You

If you’re strictly a T-shirt and jeans kind of couple, now’s not the time to pull out a ball gown and tux. You should feel comfortable and look like yourselves but at your best. Wardrobe choices that are extremely outside your level of comfort will make you look and feel awkward in the photos.

Layers and dark tones help you stand out and look your best.

2. Choose Subtle Colors And Patterns

You don’t necessarily want your wardrobe or an accessory to be the focus of your photographs. You want your faces and the love between you to stand out. Try to stay away from anything too busy or bright, as it can be an unnecessary distraction in photos.

Engagement photo of couple kissing in front of fountain.
Black is never a bad choice especially when the suit and dress fit perfectly.

3. Incorporate Accessories

A stylish scarf or chunky necklace can lend oomph to any engagement look. This is especially true if you have a family heirloom or something sentimental. If you don’t have anything that immediately comes to mind this then becomes an ideal opportunity to gift one another something special that can be featured in the photographs and worn for the rest of your lives.

Whatever footwear you choose make sure you can walk in them or bring something comfortable you can change in and out of. 

4. Layer Up For Cold Weather

Chicago natives know that fall and winter is all about the right coat and shoes. Nubby sweaters, scarves, hats, and denim not only keep you warm and dry but the textures and layers add lots of visual interest to your photos. Scarves and coats with big collars frame your face against that all white snowfall we’re gonna get lucky with right?!

Denim and sweaters always look awesome against a fresh snowfall. The gloves and scarves complete the look.

5. Flatter Your Body Type

Clothing looks best when it fits properly and accentuates your assets. Here are the basics:

Pear-Shaped: To show off your curves, focus on cinching the waist with an A-line silhouette that flares at the bottom.

Apple-Shaped: An A-line style with a gradual flow from the waist to the legs is always flattering. This shape is also great for a dress with texture and/or a deep V-neck.

Busty: Scoop and sweetheart necklines offer support and open up the décolletage so the focus is on the face rather than the bust.

Small Chest: Look for textured or ruched styles to create fullness in the chest area.

Plus Size: An empire-waist is flattering and emphasizes the smallest portion under the bust, creating the effect of a slender silhouette from top to bottom.

Keep in mind that casual clothing allows you to horse around more than dressy.

6. Get A Free Style Consultant

Even if you think you’ve got this whole fashion thing covered why not use your engagement session to up your game and make it extra special? Did you know that many retailers have dedicated personal shopping assistants? Their job is to curate their whole store to suit your particular tastes, body type and budget. Not only that but most of them do not even work on commission so there’s zero pressure to buy even a single thing. My personal Chicago favorite is the Trunk Club.

The best outfit for you is the one that makes you feel happy and alive.

7. Don’t Forget The Grooming

This is a great opportunity to get professional hair and makeup practice for your wedding day. Mani and even pedicures are a must for both partners but when it comes to hair the best advice is to *not* have a fresh haircut but instead play it safe and let it grow in a few days before your photoshoot.

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