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Black & white studio portraits are a classic that will never go out of style.

You are in the right place if you were looking for maternity, newborn, kids and even pets.

I believe your family deserves to have their photos made into something beautiful and real so I do not charge session fees.

Instead, you get to use your entire deposit towards beautiful custom artwork for your home.

All packages include:

Pre-session consultation to discuss your vision and plan your shoot.

A cinematic presentation of your photos right afterwards so that you can choose your favorites.

Guided artwork experience. We specialize in custom wall art from $750, made-in-Italy albums from $950 and small desktop prints from $50 each.

You will receive a matching digital file of any photo you order for sharing on social media.

Choose your Package Option then purchase below and call Jake at 312-927-5253 to plan your session!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the iPhone we’ve become the first generation ever that is over-documented and yet somehow it seems that with the tsunami of images online we are somehow undervalued.

The photographer’s job is different now. Studio photography has to have a purpose beyond documentation and pretty to look at pictures. I believe the real job of a photographer is to show you the best version of yourselves. To do that we’ve got to take time to get to know you in a world that loves to rush but the result will be photos that feel emotional and real.

I want this but how can I get my family on-board?

A family photoshoot is a team project and all projects require a leader. Since you took the initiative you’re the lead. Knowing why this is important to you and sharing how you truly feel with your family will get even the most independent members on-board.

Are you celebrating a milestone in your lives? Are you wanting to reconnect? Or maybe you’re feeling like life is just whooshing by too fast. It’s so true that as we get older time really does speed up.

If find yourself interested but not ready for some reason or another just give us a call.  We can help you focus on what you love and appreciate in one another and show that in your finished photographs so they are truly personal and meaningful to you.

Beautiful black and white portrait of a happy family
Arranging a studio portrait requires a bit of engineering but you just leave that up to us!

What if my kids won’t behave ?

I never schedule more than one photoshoot a day so we will go at your pace not mine. If your child is a newborn you know their feeding schedule. They often sleep after a good feeding (like us on Thanksgiving : ) so that’s our window.

If your child is older and a bit hyperactive or slow to warm up to strangers let’s be patient and supportive. Your children look to you to set the tone. If you and I have a rapport and a friendship then they’ll eventually decide that I’m safe too and relax and have some fun.

If the photoshoot goes off the rails altogether we can always scrap it and head out for really good pizza. Then I’ll reschedule you for another day for no charge. I’m serious. I want you to be happy with the outcome and if that means seeing you twice even better.

What’s about maternity sessions?

Maternity sessions are best when scheduled sometime between weeks 29 and 36. To prepare for your session, make sure that you are not wearing anything that will leave a mark on your skin.  The biggest offenders are elastic waistbands, socks, and elastic hair bands worn on your wrist.  Try wearing a light-fitting dress and sandals to your shoot, and if you can get away with it, no underthings We want your skin to be as smooth and pretty as it can be!

If you do want to bring an outfit or two, jeans or yoga pants with a tight-fitting tank top always look great, as do long maxi dresses.  Avoid maternity clothes that are big and baggy, they will make you look wide in a photo, and nobody wants to look wide.

Newborns are best when photographed between birth and ten days.

To prepare for your session, try to give the baby a good long feeding just before leaving home.  That will get them good and sleepy!  We mostly work with newborns when they are naked or just in a diaper.  If you have sentimental outfits, blankets or objects however, please bring them!  We want to make these photos as special as we can.

Parents and siblings should expect to be in a few of the photos.  Please stay away from logos or patterns when choosing your outfit.  I find that plain, white, black or gray clothing works the best.  I also recommend that you bring a t-shirt or something to change into just in case your baby pees on you during the session.  It happens.  And please know that if your baby pees or poops on me or anything in my studio, it is no big deal!!  I get peed on at least once a day, and everything in the studio (including myself) is washable!

What should we wear?

There are no rules to fashion but here are some general guidelines. Remember that you can change how you feel by changing what you’re wearing so making an effort to style the photoshoot is worth time and consideration.

  1. If there’s a piece in your wardrobe that’s really special bring it.
  2. New or very gently worn clothing that fits you properly is best.
  3. Layers can be interesting but keep it simple.
  4. Keep patterns subtle unless that bold pattern is truly you to the core.
  5. Nothing is more simple than brand new simple black, grey or white tee shirts
  6. We have a Gap outlet literally next door if you’re scrambling for what to wear.
  7. Accessories like hats, scarves and jewelry can make a big splash of fun.
  8. Denim, lace or anything with interesting textures looks great in black and white.

What about grooming?

A fresh but not brand new haircut always looks and feels good. For makeup go light and easy. Remember you want to feel genuine.  Mani and pedi for men and women. Children too!  If your look is clean shaven then do that. If you’re rocking a beard make sure it’s trimmed.

Why Black & White?

I designed my studio setting to remove the distractions of everyday life and turn the focus back to your family. Without busy backgrounds and colors, the only thing to shape the feel of the photo is your character and your personality. Your smiles, laugher and even your tears.  Our goal is to have you see one another in a whole new way.

There is something simple, elegant and timeless about black & white photography when it’s really well done. It feels powerful because there’s nothing left but the character and expressions that we recognize in the ones we love.

What got you started in family photography?

I do family photography because I love the sense of belonging family gives us. Our relationships anchor us and hold us accountable to be our best but too often we get caught up in busy and distraction. We tend to always focus on the next big thing. We lose the little moments and we don’t stop often enough to really appreciate one another and just be with one another.

Have you seen the movie by director Christopher Nolan Interstellar?  The script suggests we experience time as loss because it only goes in one direction and that love is an artifact of a higher dimension. Here you can watch Anne Hathaway explain this in the now famous quote. (Link opens Youtube)

My dad used to say you belong to me and I belong to you. Both mom and dad are gone now, but I carry their crazy love in my heart every day. I never had professional photos made with them so please forgive me for being urgent. Book a session today. I mean now. Bring everyone who is important to you. Don’t take no for an answer!

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