Hello I’m Jake – the founder of Friends First and this is what I believe:

The real job of a photographer is to show you the best version of yourself.

To deliver on that promise we need to get to know what you love and value about one another first, before I pick up a camera. That means taking a time out in a world that loves to rush, but the result is that your photos will feel personal and genuine.

Photography is useful. It’s there to help us anytime we want to:

  • Celebrate our relationships
  • Reconnect with someone we love
  • Accept ourselves just as we are
  • See one another in a new way

Many people tell me they aren’t photogenic but the experience of seeing yourself through the eyes of a empathic artist can be transformative. What do you want to feel when you look at the finished work? What do you want for your loved ones?

Pixels are fine for social media, but I believe we are worth being made into something beautiful and real. Albums and wall art bring beauty, joy and pride into your home and inspire you and your family to be the best versions of yourselves for one another.

We can get lost in the busy-ness of our daily lives. We all crave quality time. Let photography help you refocus on what’s truly important and elevate your lives.

Love and respect,

Jake Miller, Founder Friends First