Jesse & Phil

Montrose beach super blue hour engagement session

How did you guys meet?

Phil and I actually knew each other for several years before we became interested in one another. We both went to the same high school and college; he was a senior while I was a freshman at both Bartlett High and Illinois State U. Both of us played the saxophone in marching band and pep band but never spoke to each other beyond “you played the wrong note” and “you’re marching in the wrong direction.” We finally had our first true conversation when both of us were ISU alums (we had known each other for 8 years at this point) tailgating during the 2012 Homecoming game. He drunkenly asked me if I wanted to get a calzone (DP Dough is a popular restaurant in Normal, IL) and I was hungry enough to agree. That is when I discovered that he was going to be leaving for a 2-week study abroad in China in the coming weeks. He awkwardly asked for my number (I caught him looking up my facebook page to see if my number was already listed online) and we messaged/skyped each other over the next few weeks and while he was in China. Conversations eventually blossomed into a relationship, despite living 200 miles away from each other for the first 4 years. And here we are, soon to me married!

What do you value in one another?

I love how Phil is easy to talk to. I was always told that communication was the best foundation for a relationship. I guess that’s what you get after living long distance throughout your entire relationship. Phil says “I value your friendship and booty.” He also says that I am one of the most thoughtful, compassionate people he has ever known.

How have your family supported you in the journey?

Phil is probably the first guy that I brought home that my parents actually liked. They would allow Phil to stay in our home while he was visiting me from Springfield, rather than having him get a hotel or claim a couch at one of his friends’. Phil’s parents lived out of state, but still managed to always be available for us whenever we needed help. They have welcomed me into their family with love and open arms.  Both of our families have helped us with the set-up of the wedding. We are grateful to everyone for the assistance and love they have sent our way.

How do you each express your love for one another?

We are each other’s cheerleaders. Whenever one of us is having a rough day or is placed in a difficult situation, the other is always there to take the reins. I don’t know where I would be without Phil, but I know i wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

What was your planning process like for the wedding?

Phil and I have an idea for the type of wedding that we want to host, which happens to be slightly atypical from the norm. We went to at least a dozen venues before finding “the one,” went to tons of conferences. and researched the market for the best quality in just about everything. We are spending a lot of time to make the day something that represents who we are as a couple.

What are your plans for the future?!

TO GET MARRIED!! We also hope to travel, maybe buy a house, and avoid answering questions about kids.