Hello there,

We are looking to partner with a Chicago domestic violence organization to do fundraisers with on a permanent basis. Friends First Photo is an artist-owned family portrait studio based in Logan Square. We feel our photo journalistic style of family portraiture is the perfect vehicle for both fundraising and building awareness. Here is our high-level plan.


⁃ A month-long fundraiser each year during awareness month called “Picture a World Without Domestic Violence.” 
⁃ For the entire month of October 2019 I will do family portrait sessions at my studio with 100% of the proceeds (minus costs) going to your organization.
⁃ The event will be co-sponsored by your organization and Friends First Photo.


⁃ Affluent friends, couples and families from the city and suburbs especially the North Shore.
⁃ We get the Tribune, WGN, Huffington Post and others to publish the story. I have a good relationship with Modern Luxury magazine but I could use help with other media channels.
⁃ Social influencers who are openly discussing and tagging DV awareness on their Chicago area insta feeds. I am in conversations with several who would be interested in participating.
⁃ The objective here is not a one and done but instead a yearly event.
⁃ We build excitement all year long by publishing multimedia photojournalistic stories like the ones below. Some families attracted to this fundraiser will have history with domestic violence but our focus as an interviewer will be on love and connection.


⁃ Photo sessions are $195 to book but that’s not where the real money is. Unlike most other photographers we specialize in custom album and wall art collections.
⁃ Families typically spend from $1150 to $5950 for artwork after their session. You can see the kinds of wall art we make by clicking here.
⁃ Each wall art collection comes with a signed certificate of authenticity on the back that I will design for us and a tax exception letter from you (how is this done?)
⁃ I will transfer the funds to you after each sale electronically if you can accept payment otherwise I can send you statements after each sale and deliver a check in person at the end of the month.


⁃ Either your accountant or mine audits my financial records for October and writes a one page letter which states that I was operating honestly for the fundraiser. Although I have little experience with fundraising being transparent seems like it’s very important so we should put this in the footnotes for all our communications.


⁃ At the end of October we have a small party at one of the West Loop wedding venues I’m friendly with from my wedding business.
⁃ I have an event planner who will produce the party event. This way we can focus on promotion-only and not get tied up with which venue or food or anything else like that.
⁃ We invite all the families who participated to come and pick up their artwork which will be on display at the venue and to socialize with the other families.
⁃ I envision families will recognize one another from the multimedia posts I’ll be making all month long. This will create a feeling of connectedness for everyone.
⁃ I can bring one of my filmmaker friends to cover the event and create a video for next year.


⁃ Send an email to all your members, sponsors, etc. I will provide the content for that so there’s little or no work for you to do.
⁃ Use all means at your disposal, especially local media contacts, to help publicize the event.
– I am also available to photography your fundraising events and your success stories at no charge.

For more information please contact Jake Miller at 312-927-5253 or say [email protected]