Art With Purpose

Pixels are fine for social media but I believe our relationships deserve to be made into something beautiful and real. Custom wall art brings beauty, joy and pride into your home and over time, becomes  a legacy for your children to proudly display and know that they belong.

Gorgeous Alternative to Cheap Looking Walgreens Prints

$150 Each

We love these beautiful, eco-friendly, deep matte prints because they are affordable and modular since there is no order minimum.

You can easily build a DIY wall art collection by dropping these bad boys into any standard 8×10 or 11×14 size store bought frame. My favorite source is Etsy for small tabletop or wall frames.

Any order of 15 or more comes with a gorgeous leather-covered case to display your art perfectly on a bookcase or tabletop.

High Definition Custom Wall Art

From $1,250

I wanted to find a new material for wall art that’s as minimal and clean as my studio portraits. These Chromaluxe panels are the Cadillac of wall art media. They are made right here in Logan Square by a friend and expert printmaker using my 50mb camera RAW files. All those extra pixels mean you’ll get that high definition look you see in my product videos.

This is modern wall art that’s elegant, lightweight and nearly indestructible! Using a wooden backer they float off your walls by only half an inch, creating drama and depth. They’re also super easy to clean. Just dust, or use mild soap and water.

Made in Italy Albums

From $1,250

Our couples boudoir and wedding albums are made with premium sensual materials like tooled leathers and suedes, deep matte eco-friendly papers and extra thick pages. Touching and smelling them is a real experience. Custom options like sleeves and raised foil monograms make your album an art piece that you can proudly display.

Printing my work has been a humbling journey since 2007. Special thanks to Alex at Chicago Latitude and my first SAIC instructor John for their endless hours and patience teaching me about this nearly forgotten art form. Latitude is a not-for-profit lab for Chicago photographers who want to learn to print their work.

We Donate 5% of Artwork Sales to the Chicago Battered Women's Network

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Friends First and the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network are working together to end domestic violence. Now, 5% of your album and wall art purchases are donated to The Network.

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