This Is Art With Purpose

Pixels are fine for sharing but I believe your family deserves to be made into something real.  These wall, album and table top art objects are all made using our 50MB camera raw files and custom print profiles giving the final product a truly high definition look. They are make from premium materials that are breathtaking to behold in person and will only look better with wear and time.  You can scroll through each of the galleries below with your thumb or mouse to see several examples of each. Stay tuned for Giant Silk wall hangings!

Chromaluxe Wall Panels

Wall art ranges from $1250 for a single panel to $3950 for our biggest collection. They are sized to fit your home spaces perfectly using special software.

These Chromaluxe panels are the Cadillac of wall art media. They are made from Earth friendly materials and have an elegant and minimal look. They are made right here in Logan Square. They are amazingly lightweight for their size, super durable and easy to clean. They float off your walls by half an inch using a wooden backer which creates depth and drama. Right after your photo session we’ll have a cinematic premiere where you can choose your favorites, request retouching if needed and design your wall art together with us as your guide. Each collection can be custom-sized to fit your home and your budget.

Woody Photo Box

$495 includes 10 HD fine art prints

These beautiful walnut and birch wood boxes come with an etched acrylic cover for presentation on your bookshelf or desk and include five HD fine art Piezographic prints on archival paper. The paper has a slightly warm tone giving your photos a warm and friendly feel to them. You may purchase additional photos at $50 each. Gift packaging with a box, bow and tissue paper is available as well.

Photo Ice Cubes

$75 each minimum of three to order.

Beautiful things sometimes come in small packages. These 2″ square cubes are perfect for displaying your precious portraits on a desk, nightstand or bookshelf. The deep acrylic material and rough hewn edges add a diffuse light to the photos creating a holographic effect. Comes in sets of three or more.

Lay-flat Albums

From $1,500

We make custom lay-flat albums for families, couples and weddings. They are manufactured from premium materials like tooled leathers and suedes, deep matte earth-friendly papers and extra thick pages. Each project is assembled using amazing craftsmanship and they need to be experienced in person to be appreciated. Custom options like cover graphics make your album an art piece that you can proudly display in your home. On the other hand privacy sleeves add an element of discretion to your art piece.

Fine Art Mat Prints

$150 Each

We love these beautiful, eco-friendly, deep matte prints because they are affordable and modular since there is no order minimum. You can easily create a DIY wall art collection by dropping these bad boys into any standard 8×10 or 11×14 size store bought frame. My favorite source is Etsy for small tabletop or wall frames. Any order of 5 or more comes with a gorgeous leather-covered case to display your art perfectly on a bookcase or tabletop.

We Donate 5% of Artwork Sales to the Chicago Battered Women's Network

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Friends First and the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network are working together to end domestic violence. Now, 5% of your album and wall art purchases are donated to The Network.

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