Here is an experience you can do with your partner!

If regular boudoir is about the I, then couples boudoir is all about the WE.

A few years ago I wanted a sexy photoshoot with my girlfriend to celebrate our anniversary. We looked around but couldn’t find a single studio in Chicago that specialized in couples. We contacted a few of the woman’s empowerment, body positive, sexy lingerie photographers, but the staff at these studios seemed baffled and offended we even asked. After a few calls we gave up.

Photography, especially boudoir is such a personal and vulnerable thing. We wanted to find someone we could trust and enjoy our experience with. Those studios didn’t do a damn thing to make us feel welcomed or valued. To the contrary we felt judged. Like there was something wrong about us for asking.

That’s when I decided to add couples boudoir to my photography practice. That was in 2017 and I fall in love with the art form all over again every time I meet a new couple. Teamwork has always inspired me and I love seeing clients grow closer by sharing this adventure together.

Couples tell me they feel a deeper connection and a renewed attraction for one another after seeing themselves through the eyes of a artist. Thanks to Cyndi and Chad (shown below) now I see how sexy maternity boudoir can be!

If you want a unique and romantic experience with a photographer who will work to earn your trust, who cares enough to get to know you and doesn’t judge you’ve found it. I only do a few per month and space fills up quick so book today and call me at the number below so we can plan your shoot and get you scheduled!

Sexy black & white studio portrait of pregnant couple

Couples Boudoir


Our couples boudoir photo experiences include:

In-depth pre-session consultation with each partner.

A fun and easy photo shoot at our private and professional photo studio in Logan Square.

Large-screen presentation of your photos right afterwards so you can choose your favorites, request retouching.

We respect all privacy levels when it comes to social media. From completely offline to being selective about which photos to share.

Custom artwork suggestions that fit your home and your budget. We specialize in high definition Chromaluxe photo panels. This is wall art that you can proudly display and will breathe life and feeling into your home

Chose from two lighting styles: Monochromatic or Black Label for a super dramatic and sculptural look.

Purchase now using checkout button then call Jake at 312-927-5253 to schedule and plan your session.

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We are For Everyday People

My little studio is for everyday people so you do not need to be a fitness model to make gorgeous portraits. All ages and body types are welcome. I’m also (clearly) LGBT-friendly and judgement-free. We want to have fun and make gorgeous photos but also respect your comfort levels. If you have any reservations just give me a call and we can talk it out.

Pixels are fine for social media but I believe our relationships deserve to be made into something beautiful and real. To see some of the things we can make for you visit our custom artwork page.  Now watch Kyle & Carmen talk about their experience in our studio and how they feel about their couples boudoir album!

We Donate 5% of Artwork Sales to the Chicago Battered Women's Network

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence.

Friends First and the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network are working together to end domestic violence. Now, 5% of your album and wall art purchases are donated to The Network.

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