Family Portraits

We live such busy, driven, and distracted lives. Why not take a time-out to reconnect with the people you love. There is something so powerful about real studio portraits that will never go out of style. Made into wall art they breathe life and feeling into your home where they will spark conversations for many many years to come.

Your Experience

In order to make you photographs that feel personal and real we take the time to get to know what you love and value about one another. There is no secret or shortcut only geniune interest and caring that starts long before we pick up a camera. Family portrait experiences are just $175 and include the following:


Discovering what you love and value the most about one another so that we can make portraits that are not just beautiful, but also deeply meaningful to each of you.


A style and grooming discussion so that you'll look and feel your best. We like classic dark and uncomplicated outfits for portrait sessions with jewelry and accessories that are meaningful or just make you feel happy.

Studio Session

A fun and easy photo session at our private, comfortable, and welcoming Logan Square studio. Fresh ground coffee, or bubbly is served. We are right in the middle of 5 awesome Logan Square resturants so you won't go hungry either.


You'll love seeing a curated wide-screen cinematic presentation of your photos right after your photo session! Here you can pick your favorites and request retouching services if needed.


We'll also show you ready-to-order wall art suggestions that fit your home and your budget. To see artwork samples and ideas click here.

Show them how much you care by booking your family portrait today. Call 312-410-8490, or complete the form below and we will call you.