All our couples get a beautiful lay-flat made-in-Italy album that we design together with you in-person at our studio.

Here you will find studio samples of finished wedding and engagement albums and our custom wall frames. Our design aesthetic is minimalist, lots of white space, big images, balance and harmony in the layout. Albums range from 15 to 50 spreads. Wall frames are made from custom wood moldings, lightweight shatterproof plexi glazing and are ready to hang.

Questions & Answers

Being print focused means we are shooting with the book or prints in mind. It forces us to be far more intentional with composition, use of light, emotional energy and details than a point and shoot digital only style photographer. The finished work confronts us with the photograph in a way that swiping right on social media never will. Finally, we feel that the printed work will appreciate in value as you get older.

It’s true other studios offer books but usually as an afterthought. They will send you a gallery link to x,000 photos for you to review and select which images you want. We think that’s making you do their job. We design the book with you in-person. This guarantees that you are 100% delighted with your finished album and that the process was easy and enjoyable. We are one of the handful of Chicago wedding studios that even offer this level of service. If you check our reviews you’ll see that our all our couples love it!

After your wedding you will come to our studio for an in-person photo reveal. That evening you will go home with a private Lightroom gallery link so you can continue to look at your photos. We will then pre-design the layout up to 50 spreads. When we are ready you will come back for a final design evening. This will be your opportunity to make changes and retouch requests. After that it’s about 8-12 weeks for delivery.

A full set of watermarked digitals with a web and print copyright release will be made available for download as soon as the final retouching is done to your images. If you want an image before that for social sharing or a thank you card just let us know.

We make beautiful wall frames with shatterproof plexi glazing, smaller parent copies of the main book and matted gift prints up to 11×14 ready for framing. Photos of these products will be uploaded soon.

Many photographers are personable and outgoing so don’t stop there. Look for indicators that they are a full-time dedicated professional. Plenty of online reviews, a real studio location (not a coffee shop) a well developed website, a proper contract that’s written in english all are indicators. Then look at their work. Do the subjects look like they are having fun or do they look stiff and posed? Do the photos look intimate happy and relaxed? Now ask to see one or more complete start-to-finish weddings not just their portfolio images. Is their presentation orderly or unorganized? Are they showing you their weddings on a tablet or as a finished wedding book? Finally, as with so many decisions in life, after you’ve collected all the data, go with your gut feeling! : )