After photographing over 100 weddings I love my job more! I'm a bit goofy but very serious about my work. I love beautiful composition and light but the soul of a photo is emotion.

I want my couples to feel relaxed and have fun with me. That's why you see so many couples laughing in my portfolio.

Who I am as a photographer ultimately depends on who I am as a human being. We are at our best when we speak and act from the heart. Opening up to friendship, trust and ultimately love is our #1 job in this life.

I'm a geek romantic at heart. The best quote I've ever heard about why we love is by Carl Sagan. I'd love to share it with you if you're interested.

Some odds and ends about me that might resonate:

I'd love to photograph a Burningman wedding. I cry at weddings like, a lot. I'm a dog nut and his name is Louie. I'm a martial artist and my teammates, who are 1/2 my age, call me 'Old Man Jiu Jitsu.' My mother Judy was the real artist in our family and she's in every great photo I make. I no longer wonder if I'm good enough (This is pretty recent.)

If I could give you anything to take home from our time together it would be the deep knowing that you are beautiful and lovable and worthy.